Catering Invoice Template

Give your catering invoices a professional appearance using this catering invoice template. We can define catering as an activity of providing food, beverages and other food related supplies for various events, occasions and meetings. On another hand, caterer is someone professional who arranges the delivery, preparation and presentation of food on events for clients as agreed. When a deal of getting catering services for a catering company, you will definitely need a written evidence of the deal finalized between you and the caterer and that is named as catering invoice. It is just like other business invoices that provides basic details and information about the transaction. Whether you are providing or getting catering services, a detailed catering invoice prepared at the time can help you a lot to settle various disputes or misunderstandings may arise in future times. A catering invoice is also known as a statement of the sum dues for the recent catering transaction.

About Catering Invoice Template:

Providing catering services is one of the famous businesses in these days and almost we all need such services to organize successful personal or professional events. Just like other businesses or companies, catering service providers also prepare invoices to document a transaction and known as catering invoices. A catering invoice may include details and information about the transaction such as date, unique invoice number, description of catering services provided as ordered, cost of services and payment terms etc. Your customers are vital for your catering business so don’t forget to provide them with detailed catering invoices with your professional stamp. Invoice books are available in markets that one can buy and use for making catering invoices for your customers or clients.

 If you don’t want to make catering invoices manually as well as want to lessen the paper work, you are advised to download and use this catering invoice template for this purpose. This ready to use and easily editable catering invoice template is equipped with blank spaces that allow you to add your own details and information just like name of the company or business, customer name, description and amount etc. This catering invoice template is formatted in Microsoft excel and can also be edited in same software. It is totally free to download and after downloading you can easily make changes in it as per business needs or requirements. Necessary formulas are also applied in it so it will automatically calculate the total cost in seconds.

Download Catering Invoice Template:

catering invoice template