Commercial Invoice Template

In our collection of invoices, now we are adding Commercial Invoice Template. Sample Commercial Invoice Template can be used to make special invoices. There are different transactions that require an invoice. An invoice is an important piece of document that can point to the actual value of the goods or services the seller has provided and the buyer has purchased.  A Commercial Invoice is a document that holds a record of the transaction between an exporter and an importer. The components in this kind of invoice are similar to sales invoice, but the format should conform to certain requirements that are mentioned by the customs. This document is essential for the goods to be imported into another country. Using the details in the commercial invoice, the customs department of the country will calculate the applicable tariffs and charges. The invoice should have the total cost details including all additional charges like shipping and insurance. We hope you will like this Commercial Invoice Template.

Commercial invoice is a vital document used in foreign trade and purpose of this document is to settle on the exact value of imported goods for variety of purposes. Commercial Invoice is a document usually prepared by the exporter and is required by the foreign buyer to prove ownership and accurate value of imported goods and products for assessment of custom duties and taxes etc. Commercial invoice is primary important document used by foreign custom agencies to control imports, valuation and duty determination on imported goods. A commercial invoice must include name of both parties’ seller and buyer, nature of goods, quantity, monetary value, weight or volume, discount if any, type of packaging and other terms and conditions about the transaction. In some situations it is must to include a statement in commercial invoice to certify that the invoice is true with accurate values and details.

As we know that commercial invoice is an important document for foreign trade that is why it should be prepared with full attention to make it efficient and professional as possible. Commercial invoices can be manual or typed and printed according to the requirements. Lots of businesses and companies use commercial invoice template and software to create commercial invoices in professional manner with all details and features. Use of a well designed commercial invoice template is recommended by experts to prepare error free commercial invoice in short time. After downloading of commercial invoice template a user can easily modify it for any business or company.

Sample Commercial Invoice Template:

commercial invoice template

Here is the free Commercial Invoice Template.