Printable Invoice Template

This printable invoice template is formulated in Microsoft excel and available here for free. You can make and print personalized invoices for your business or company in desired quantity by means of printable invoice template using a personal computer and printer. Invoice is a commercial document prepared by a seller, vendor or supplier for customer. It is a most important business document which is used to enumerate a transaction between seller and buyer. An invoice can also be defined as a list of goods sent by seller to buyer holding other basic details about the transaction just like date and time of transaction, name of buyer, unique invoice number, quantity of goods provided, amount to be paid by buyer and payment terms etc. Generally invoices are prepared for asking pending payments. There are a lot types of invoices that can be used for variety of reasons.

You as a businessman or seller send an invoice to someone (customer) because he or she owe your business money and you ask them to pay the money back. Invoices can be handwritten or prepared automatically using a computer software or device. Companies on large scale are using automatic software and computer programs to generate invoices for their customers automatically. It not eliminates chances of errors but also saves a lot of time. Utilization of such software could be costly and unaffordable by small vendors and company so they can get help from following printable invoice template to make and print professional looking computerized invoices. A printable invoice template is nothing but a ready to use format designed by professional that lets sellers and vendors to make spotless printable invoices shortly. The template costs nothing, which means you can make economical invoices without spending a lot of money and time. Download the printable invoice template into your computer before use.

printable invoice template