Simple Invoice Template

You can download free Simple Invoice Template here. A commercial instrument drafted and sent by a vendor, seller or provider of goods or services to his buyer in order to describe the details related to a sale transaction is known as simple invoice. It is a professional tool to identify either trading parties or individuals as well as to spell out other details like date of transaction, unique invoice number, description of goods or services, quantity, price per unit, total price, payment due date and other contact details for payment reasons. A well made simple invoice is a written evidence of a sale transaction made between a seller and buyer, also can be used as a demand for payment and becomes a document of title when paid in full by the customer. We do hope that you will like this Simple Invoice Template

Apart from the size and nature of business, invoice is an important business document that can be used for variety of reasons. It is a beneficial document for both seller and buyer. Sellers and retailers use invoices to keep track of sales transaction and other documentation purposes. On another hand customer can use a simple invoice for exchange of goods etc. some companies and business prepare invoices manually and many of them use software and other technical tools to design invoices for their respective customers and clients. Simple invoice template is a pre designed document that everyone can use to prepare invoices for any kind of business or company.

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simple invoice template

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